Monday, October 4, 2010

Drug Awareness

Drug Awareness
by J.S. Lucas Fleming

     From 2005 to 2006 exactly 772 people died of drug overdoses from prescriptions given to them from their doctors. Out of the 772 people who died from overdoses 645 of those deaths were accidental. In 2009, 1,185 state deaths were caused by Oxycodone. Pasco County & Pinellas County hold the highest numbers for most deaths caused by Oxycodone, Methadone, & Hydrocodone. One may think that all of these deaths were the results of their drug addicted life style, when in-fact a good many of these people were respected lawyers, doctors, business men & women, soccer moms, and church pastors. Is this the type of world we want to bring our kids into? Painkillers have a good purpose, only a select number of people are able to withstand chronic pain.

    However, would you take a drug that could kill you instantly just to get rid of the pain? Do you read the small print about the side effects? Maybe you are aware that drugs are dangerous and you take the precautions. Most drug overdoses are caused by children taking prescription that was not prescribed to them, but to their parents. Parents who have to take prescription drugs, do you check your prescription when you get home after work? Maybe you should as teens use prescription drugs to get high.

    Children and teenagers are not aware that 2 or 4 pills are too much to take at once considering the type of prescriptions. Parents where do you keep your prescriptions? On the kitchen counter, on the bathroom counter where anyone has access to them? Teenage drug usage is growing rapidly now more than ever, because they see prescriptions as a way to safely get high.  Statistics show people in their 40’s are more likely to die from prescription drugs. People in their 20’s to 30’s come in at a close second, followed by the teen usage. (St. Petersburg Times).  

    Thanks to Detectives in Hernando County launching the "Operation Oxy-Blues" in February of this year, they seized 145 fake prescriptions, 97 blank prescription forms, 2,108 pills and more than $12,000.  

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